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Bishop John tells us

To be formed into a Spirit-filled evangelizer is for us to encounter Jesus and make a personal decision to follow him in faith. We are to be a friend of Jesus, deepen our relationship with him, strengthen our prayer life and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit... To share our faith with others, to be a Spirit-filled evangelizer, we must seek continually to grow deeper in our faith. The more we know our faith, the easier it is for us to explain it to others who ask us about it. (Transforming Fire, 7)

The Church tells us

"Catechists are called to continual conversion and growth in their faith". (National Directory for Catechesis, no. 55C) Catechists should not be left to do this formation on their own and should have the support and leadership of their pastors in collaboration with the diocesan catechetical office.

This site will assist you in your efforts to answer the call to continual conversion and growth in your faith by enabling you to access the workshops offered to deepen your relationship with Jesus and meet your formation needs as you minister in the Church. There are several tracks you can choose from based on the work that you do in the parish or the catholic school.

"You are Christ's witnesses so that the power of the Gospel might shine forth..."

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Teach Lead Serve

The Called to Accompany series invites youth ministry volunteers to learn and explore the many aspects that make a parish youth ministry successful.Through videos and group discussion, volunteers are encouraged to respond to Pope Francis' call to accompany the youth towards a deep and fulfilling relationship with Christ and His Church.

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